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Water Running from the shower

Nowhere is water more important than in a place like Phoenix, where summer temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees. People need water to stay hydrated, and so access to clean drinking water is vital. Is the water in Phoenix safe to drink? Sometimes it can smell or taste bad, or even stain your utensils, faucets, and appliances. Why does this happen? And does it mean that Phoenix water is not safe to drink?

Phoenix water is exposed to its fair share of contaminants on the way to your home, ranging from minerals like calcium and magnesium to chemicals like nitrates and arsenic. The city releases an annual water quality report to let residents know what’s in their water. While the water in Phoenix meets the legal standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for municipal drinking water, there are some concerning measurements in the 2019 Water Quality Report.

For example, nitrates are a toxin found in Phoenix water. In high doses, nitrates can be fatal to small children and elderly people, so the EPA has set a risk level of 10ppm (parts per million). In 2019, the water quality tests for Phoenix showed a nitrate range of up to 5ppm, which is well below that level. However, because nitrates come from fertilizer runoff, sewers and septic tanks, and the erosion of natural deposits, the nitrate level can spike quickly if there’s heavy rainfall.

Another concerning toxin in Phoenix water is arsenic, which has been linked with cancer, skin damage, and other health concerns. The EPA action level is 10ppm, and Phoenix water has a running average of 7ppm, which is worryingly close to that level. What’s more, many people fear that the EPA standards aren’t strict enough, which means the levels of contaminants in Phoenix water may be more dangerous than they seem.

Additionally, while EPA regulations deal with harmful substances, they don’t restrict contaminants that aren’t dangerous but can make the water taste bad. Algae blooms can make water taste unpleasant, as can the chlorine added to water to disinfect it. The EPA doesn’t restrict water hardness, either, and Phoenix has some of the hardest water in the country. Water hardness isn’t necessarily a problem for your health (although some studies show it can exacerbate eczema), but it’s definitely harmful to plumbing and appliances. Hard water can cause scale build-up in the pipes, leading to clogging and other serious plumbing problems. Additionally, showering in hard water can dry out your hair and skin.

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