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How Long Does a Water Softener Last?

If you live in Arizona, you may know that this region has some of the hardest water in the country. In fact, that’s why you installed a water softener several years ago—to combat the hard water in Phoenix that can reach over 16.0 grains per gallon (gpg). Remember, anything over 10.5 gpg is considered “very hard.”

After years of enjoying softened water in your Arizona home, you may wonder how much life the appliance has left. Take…

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Water Running from the shower
Is Phoenix Water Safe to Drink?

Nowhere is water more important than in a place like Phoenix, where summer temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees. People need water to stay hydrated, and so access to clean drinking water is vital. Is the water in Phoenix safe to drink? Sometimes it can smell or taste bad, or even stain your utensils, faucets, and appliances. Why does this happen? And does it mean that Phoenix water is not safe to drink?

Phoenix water is exposed…

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Water Softener Benefits

The Benefits of Water Treatment From Kinetico Water

You might be wondering what the benefits of water system treatment are or if you need a water softener for your home in the Phoenix, Gilbert, or Scottsdale, AZ areas. At Kinetico Water, we’re dedicated to ensuring homeowners have the tools they need to minimize plumbing and pipe issues caused by hard water and enjoy better results from washing and cleaning with soft water. Read on to…

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Why Do I Need a Water Softener?

What Is a Water Softener?

The water from your tap contains more than just H2O. Depending on where you live and the condition of the soil in the area, you’ll find a variety of other things in your water supply, the most common of which are minerals. While minerals are a natural part of water, the higher the level of minerals, the “harder” your water. Minerals like calcium and magnesium can wreak havoc on your plumbing system,…

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A man filling his glass from tap
When to Replace Your Water Softener

Water is a valuable resource, especially in the hot desert climate of Chandler, AZ and the surrounding area. The best way to ensure your water is usable for drinking, cleaning, and more is making sure you have a water softener in proper working order. However, it’s challenging to know what to look for when determining the condition of your water softener. At Kinetico Quality Water, we understand that you’re busy and don’t have the…

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