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Trying to figure out why you have build-up on faucets and shower doors or spots on your glasses and dishes? Why your hair and skin are dry? Why your water smells or tastes funny? Why guess what you need? Let the experts help. Kinetico Quality Water offers a free water analysis to residents of metro Phoenix (from Scottsdale to Queen Creek, Chandler to Goodyear).

Left unchecked, mineral and sediment accumulation can:

  • Impair the function of water heaters, resulting in higher energy expenses and shorter life
  • Damage your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and water heater
  • Cause dry skin and hair, potentially exacerbating acne and psoriasis
  • Clog pipes, faucets and tubing, leading to expensive replacements
  • Create excess soap scum, water spots, and staining


What our customers have to say about us?

| Julie Ferrari

A close family friend referred me to Kinetico & I am so grateful! The improvement of our water quality showed immediately on our skin & hair. The drinking water filtration is excellent! We are looking forward to savings on electricity, water, & products as the system only works on demand vs. using 60 gallons a day with other brands. Fun fact, a neighbor came by during the install. He wanted to tell us he had his Kinetico for 15 yrs w/o problems & other neighbors were on their 2-3rd system with other brands!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Stephanie

We moved from the Midwest and had a Kinetico system in our old house so were familiar with their products and service. What we didn't know was how bad the water is in Arizona. Its a little scary when everyone you talk to says "don't drink the water here!" The house we purchased was never looped for a softener so all that had to be done plus adding a special drinking water system. We were fortunate that we found Kinetico. They were fast in responding to our needs! We are confident in our new system and we love it! The sales rep and install staff are very nice, timely and informative. We will never go with anything else but Kinetico!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Gerard

Helpful, informative sales staff; fast, friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable service. Even more significant: the water is fantastic!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| William

Had our system installed about 8 months ago, and we love it! Great tasting soft water without the need for a high-water-usage Reverse Osmosis system. We are now moving to a different home and today one of the technicians (Joey) came and moved it to our new home. Both Joey and our original installer, Jose, were extremely professional and obviously highly skilled plumbers. Their workmanship is impeccable. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a high quality water conditioning system to give consideration to a Kinetico system. Not the least expensive option, but well worth the investment IMO.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Tracey

We got the full monty: Soft water, Carbon and RO. Good salesman. Good instalation, tech was polite and had a good work ethic. He did not have the upgraded tank on hand to install with the RO, but made a follow up aoppointment right there to have it installed the next week. Good follow up one month after instalation with the salesman to see how it was working and how we liked it. The RO portion was bumping when we turned on the faucet, and he was able to identify the problem and schedule a tech right there to come out the following week. Sounds great now. The customer service from start to finish was very good. You could tell by the way they took the time to tweek the sytem for maximum performance that they cared about having a happy customer. You get what you pay for, very happy with the system, instalation and service.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Richard

This was a major purchase for us, and from start to finish, it was a great experience working with the Kinetico Chandler office. I purchased the 4040 system plus the K5P water station to replace the existing RO system I had in my home. The water quality we have now is outstanding. Soft water and crisp, clean drinking water. Our rep, Dave, was extremely courteous and offered us an informative, sales no-pressure presentation. The purchase process and installation process was simple and easy. Technician provided a tutorial on what to do to change filter and replace drinking water cartridges. Three weeks after installation, Dave came back out to our home to sample the water and ensure that installation was done correctly. He provided me with another tutorial on how to maintain the system. As I stated, this was a big investment, but worth it to have quality water that won't ruin our appliances. I also stopped buying drinking water, because the water station takes care of that. Great product and great people at the Chandler location. Extremely satisfied!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Ann Marie

Joey Ramos was my service provider. Joey is professional, kind and very knowledgeable. Joey went the extra mile to make sure the area he worked in was cleaner then when he arrived. I am 100% happy with the service.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Doug

The service man that installed our system was very knowledgeable and did a great, quick and neat job. We are looking forward to having better water in the house. Doug

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| pklyden

Love the system, the salesman was great but an argumentative installer almost cost you a sale.

Clients rating: 3 of 5

| Mike

My whole experience with the Kinetico was terrific! From my first contact with Brian, my service rep. to Jose who installed my system. Any questions I had they answered. I love the system and wish I had gotten it sooner.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Velda

WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR KINETICO WATER SYSTEM! My hair and skin have never felt so soft and hydrated. My clothes no longer itch and scratch me and our water has never tasted so GOOD. My only regret is not getting our system sooner! We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Dave the sales Rep and Joey the Tech. for their fast, friendly service. They answered all of our questions and made the process easy and stress free. We will be telling all of our friends and family about our Kinetico System and how much we love it.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Tyiesha

I called to get service in June and was told they do not have any Saturdays until August but I can not book an August appointment until June. The Manager did call me back that day and apologized and helped me so I am updating my review. This helped a lot!

Clients rating: 4 of 5

| Gregory

Installation by service technician (Joey) was timely, neat and thorough. Communication through all stages of the project was excellent. I have been a Kinetico customer for many years in Pennsylvania. My Arizona installation was handled in a first class manner. The service technician demonstrated to me all aspects and features of the system. This is a first class company to do business with, in my opinion.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Richard

Great, friendly service from everyone at Kinetico! Our sales person, David, was knowledgeable and helpful in helping us with our system and getting everything scheduled on time. Our installer, Joey, was equally as knowledgeable and helpful with the installation. Great team!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Jerri

the guys were on time, professional, and did a great job, Just moved into my home and they were there the next day to install my system. Jose Stein and Barrett Springer did an awesome job!! I highly recommend the systems and the technicians. The sales and supporting staff are very professional also.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| howard

we have had our water system since 2009 and it's probably one of the best thing we done. it works great, haven't had any trouble with it the water is great wife loves it. when it's time to have it serviced they let us know. My sister moved from Washington State and first thing she said water was bad so we let her know about our system and now she has one and says she likes it and the service people were nice and new what they were doing. We were there the other day when James dropped by to check system and he even answered question I had. If your looking for a water system Kinetico is the place to look. Thanks for the good service. Howard Tia & Grace

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| David

Delighted with our 4040 system. Extremely low maintenance requirements and really softens and cleans our municipal water. Big Kinetico fan.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Ryan

Great service on the phone and in person.. Thank you!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Laureen

We love our Kinetico system and recently had the technicians back to the house for a reinstall and filter replacement due to some remodeling we had done in our kitchen. Joey and Barrett were the two technicians at the appointment and both were great at explaining what I needed to do to have the RO back up and running. Additionally, Joey showed me how to clean out the filter for the water softener which was a huge help. It is a very easy process but it was definitely better to see it in person so that I know how to do it next time. I appreciate the attention to detail!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Terry

Our tech was Brian Jalbert, Very Professional from start to finish. I can not believe how great the soft water is. Our dishes are spotless and our glass showers are great. We also had the drinking water system installed and we have not bought any bottle water sense. I would recommend Kinetico to everyone.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Patricia

Both Brian, the sales representative and Joey Ramos the technician/installer were wonderful to deal with. Brian represented the product well and demonstrated the difference visually between my current water and the Kinetico RO water. He also explained about the complete house system and how beneficial it would be for my plumbing and overall improvement in my household water. Joey was amazing! He removed his shoes without me even having to ask. I appreciated that. He spent time explaining the system and how it works. Even though I had very little space under my sink he was able to make the BioPure system fit and even left room for the other things I had under my sink. He was so considerate and added a protective sheet under the system in case of leaks. His work was clean, efficient and professional. This is the second Kinetico system I have had in my house, the first being in my home in California. I was so impressed by that system I just had to put a Kinetico product in my home in Goodyear. This system is far superior to the California system and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Denise

I give the company all 10"s. Brian our sales person was very knowledgeable and nice. Also the staff that was on the phone was awesome. Our installation was done in a timely manner, and we had a good followup.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Kevin

We are on well water and were using a conventional salt water softener and whole house water filter that did not fully soften our water. We had the Kinetico 2030 system with the K5 Drinking Water Station installed a couple of weeks ago and the improvement was amazing! Water is fully softened and the drinking water is very pure and the best tasting we have ever experienced. Russ Durfee of Kinetico was very helpful, informative and followed up with us today to check and make sure the system was operating properly. We are extremely satisfied.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Lila

Everyone we worked with was very knowledgeable and professional. The installation went very smoothly. We are enjoying our water softener and RO system.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Barbara

Dave, our salesperson & his installer went above & beyond to help us . From helping with financing to a much troublesome installation, they get 5 stars. Plus our water is now drinkable. Our clothes & dishes sparkle!

Clients rating: 5 of 5