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Trying to figure out why you have build-up on faucets and shower doors or spots on your glasses and dishes? Why your hair and skin are dry? Why your water smells or tastes funny? Why guess what you need? Let the experts help. Kinetico Quality Water offers a free water analysis to residents of metro Phoenix (from Scottsdale to Queen Creek, Chandler to Goodyear).

Left unchecked, mineral and sediment accumulation can:

  • Impair the function of water heaters, resulting in higher energy expenses and shorter life
  • Damage your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and water heater
  • Cause dry skin and hair, potentially exacerbating acne and psoriasis
  • Clog pipes, faucets and tubing, leading to expensive replacements
  • Create excess soap scum, water spots, and staining


What our customers have to say about us?

| Patricia

Both Brian, the sales representative and Joey Ramos the technician/installer were wonderful to deal with. Brian represented the product well and demonstrated the difference visually between my current water and the Kinetico RO water. He also explained about the complete house system and how beneficial it would be for my plumbing and overall improvement in my household water. Joey was amazing! He removed his shoes without me even having to ask. I appreciated that. He spent time explaining the system and how it works. Even though I had very little space under my sink he was able to make the BioPure system fit and even left room for the other things I had under my sink. He was so considerate and added a protective sheet under the system in case of leaks. His work was clean, efficient and professional. This is the second Kinetico system I have had in my house, the first being in my home in California. I was so impressed by that system I just had to put a Kinetico product in my home in Goodyear. This system is far superior to the California system and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Denise

I give the company all 10"s. Brian our sales person was very knowledgeable and nice. Also the staff that was on the phone was awesome. Our installation was done in a timely manner, and we had a good followup.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Kevin

We are on well water and were using a conventional salt water softener and whole house water filter that did not fully soften our water. We had the Kinetico 2030 system with the K5 Drinking Water Station installed a couple of weeks ago and the improvement was amazing! Water is fully softened and the drinking water is very pure and the best tasting we have ever experienced. Russ Durfee of Kinetico was very helpful, informative and followed up with us today to check and make sure the system was operating properly. We are extremely satisfied.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Lila

Everyone we worked with was very knowledgeable and professional. The installation went very smoothly. We are enjoying our water softener and RO system.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Barbara

Dave, our salesperson & his installer went above & beyond to help us . From helping with financing to a much troublesome installation, they get 5 stars. Plus our water is now drinkable. Our clothes & dishes sparkle!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Mark

Jose and Joey did a fantastic insallation job. Water vastyl improved for laundry, shower, etc.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Margaret

Water is HORRIBLE here! Smells terrible, and tastes worse! Got our Kinetico System 9 years ago, after moving from New York. We LOVE it! Best thing we purchased . Do NOT know what we would have done without it -- can drink, cook, shower -- use the faucets without holding our noses, and dreading the taste of everything. Thank you, Kinetico!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Jerry

Very pleased with our Kinetco Water Systems Softener and R/O. They work great. Jon Owens is a pleasure to deal with since he is very knowledgeable, quick to respond and is always helpful. Highly recommend.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Michael

The whole team at Kinetico AZ is the best in the business! Honest Service, perfect water, and a no-nonsense system that just works, with ZERO electricity! Thanks Jason, Jen, and Dave!

Clients rating: 0 of 5

| Garry

Couldn't be happier with the performance of my Mach 4040 system which was purchased in 2007. We met Jon Owens at the Home and Garden show at the Arizona State Fair grounds at that time and its been a pleasure seeing and working with him since then. I recently serviced my system with a charcoal change and added a Super Kit system pre filter. Ran into Jon at the recent Home and Garden show and its been a breeze getting the service scheduled and performed at a very reasonable price. My system continues to produce excellent soft water and couldn't be happier with the service from the original sale to service visits. Service techs have always been professional and work quality excellent. Keep up the good work!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Candace

Everyone in the company are very professional and know how to present the product. Most excited about having a cup of coffee that has REALLY great favor! We are enjoying a bath without using a lot of soap and feeling very clean. Also drinking water out of the facet in the kitchen knowing we aren't drinking chlorine anymore. Thank you all for your amazing product.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Penny

Kinetico installed a water treatment system for us that would service the main house and the pool house. We were so pleased with the results, Now our skin is never dry and itchy after a shower, we use less shampoo and our hair is softer and more manageable. The food tastes better because of the pure water used in cooking. Also, the water fixtures are cleaner and there are no longer calcium deposits collecting on them. In addition, our clothes are cleaner, whiter and we use less laundry soap. Wish we would have done this many years ago. Thank you, Kinetico, for giving us a healthier life.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Betty

Jon helped us through the process of explaining how the system works and Joey installed the system beautifully.... I highly recommend using this company. Looking forward to using my new system!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Denise

Love our water softener. Was referred by a friend and I could't be happier. On time, friendly and excellent communication. The whole process was wonderful!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Ann

Kinetico is the BEST water system -- hands down! I have had a Kinetico water system in 3 different houses -- the first thing I do when I move is install a whole house system with R/O -- especially in AZ -- the water is not the best quality coming out of the tap! Don't mess around with other systems -- Kinetico is the best!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Cheryl

Our installerJoey was absolutely amazing. Joey was courteous, kind, respectful and had great knowledge when explaining everything on the two separate units he was about to install. Once installed he reviewed the workings of each system carefully for us to understand what each system needed from us to function properly and last. BTW, Joey even took off his shoes when he came into our house, that was not a request that came from us. Great job Joey!!!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Karen


Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Bryan

Excellent Customer Service! The reminder postcard is great just in time to order before filters are at their end of life.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Jeffrey

I just had Jose Stein install a wonderful whole home system with a water softner and reverse osmosis system. Jose was extremely knowledgeable of the system installed.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| JP

We've had our Kinetico since we moved in several years ago. It helps with the water softening, and purifying. Appreciate the service from Todd, too - he's been great in making sure everything is running smoothly. Would recommend it.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| David

Joey came out on a Saturday, was very professional and did nice work, clean install.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| william

Joey did a good on install of my new water systems Bill

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Terry

Jon did an excellent job of explaining how our new system would work. Jose did a great job of installing our new system. We now have great Arizona water. Very happy!

Clients rating: 5 of 5