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Aging is inevitable. The way people age has some to do with genetics, but it also has to do with the choices that we make. Some people live to be old while remaining extremely healthy while others seem to have a clock that is ticking much faster and experience age-related chronic diseases.

Is it possible to slow down your biological clock?

Being well-hydrated is good for your overall health. Research suggests that adults who have lived a well-hydrated lifestyle develop fewer chronic conditions, including heart and lung disease, experience a younger biological age, and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

What are serum sodium levels and how can you control them?

Serum sodium levels are dependent upon water intake, which means the levels can be changed by how much fluids you consume. As fluids increase, the serum sodium level decreases. So, the more water you drink, the lower your serum sodium levels will be. As a point of reference, the normal range for serum sodium levels is 135-146 mEq/L (mEq/L= milliequivalents per liter). A middle aged adult with a serum sodium level less than 142 mmol/l is often associated with a 39% increased risk to develop chronic diseases as well as being biologically older than their age. Levels of less than 144 mmol/l have a 21% elevated risk of early death.

Throughout a 30 year period, researchers studied over 11,000 adults and concluded that the adults with serum sodium levels on the high end of a normal range were more likely to develop chronic conditions and show signs of advanced biological aging. The impact, then, is that you look and feel older than your age in years should allow for, as compared to those adults with serum sodium levels in the medium range.

How can you slow down biological aging or prevent diseases?

According to this research, maintaining proper hydration will slow down aging and prolong a disease-free life. For individuals with a serum sodium level of 142 mEq/ L or higher would experience health benefits from having their fluid intake evaluated. While water helps tremendously with hydration, other fluids, like juices or vegetables and fruit with high water content, provide healthy hydration. Women should consume about 6-9 cups of water and other fluids daily while men should consume 8-12 cups daily.

How can Kinetico Quality Water help you stay healthy and hydrated?

Middle-age high-normal serum sodium levels are a risk factor for accelerated biological aging, chronic diseases, and premature mortality. Rather than worry about hydration, aging, serum sodium levels, biological age, consider how quality water can increase your interest in staying well- hydrated, Kinetico Quality Water can install a whole-home water filtration system in your home that will improve the taste and quality of the water you drink. Kinetico Quality Water Arizona can provide a system that will bring better tap water, resulting in more water consumption, and improvement of the serum sodium levels of your body or those of your loved ones… you really can slow down time!

For more information about choosing a water purifier for your home in Phoenix or surrounding areas, please contact us.

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