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cloudy drinking water
Why is my tap water cloudy?

Have you ever run water from your faucet into your drinking glass, only to discover that you have milky looking water? You might wonder, “why is my tap water cloudy” and ponder whether it’s safe to drink. It might comfort you to know that cloudy tap water is fairly common; millions of people in the United States have experienced the problem of milky water coming from their taps. Most of the time, this water is safe to drink, but it’s…

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A man filling his glass from tap
Drinking Tap Water vs. Purified Water

Life in the desert can be harsh. With average summer highs exceeding 100 degrees F in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Of course, this means you need uninterrupted access to clean, safe drinking water. For many people, the kitchen or bathroom faucet is their go-to source for a glass of water. But is it safe to drink from the tap, or should you purify your water first?

You may be surprised to learn that…

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Running water from the tap in the sink
How Much Chlorine Is in Tap Water?

You expect to smell chlorine in some places, like a public pool, but do you ever smell it in your tap water? If you do, should that concern you? Let’s take a look at some reasons for chlorine is in your tap water, the potential risks to your health, and the levels that are safe to drink.

First, why would chlorine be in your tap water? It’s all about disinfection. In the past, and in underdeveloped parts of the world…

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The person holding Jar full of Water at Chandler, AZ
Bottled Water vs. Water Filters


Avoid the Hassles, High Costs, & Health Issues of Bottled Water

Are you still buying bottled water? What a hassle and negative impact on our environment, even if you do recycle every single bottle. Meeting the U.S. demand for bottled water takes more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually. And most of these bottles end up in landfills. Stop lugging…

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A small girl holding glass of water
9 Common Misunderstandings About Water Filters

Water purifiers and filters are household appliances that are gaining traction, but unfortunately, there are still so many misconceptions spreading about these handy items. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Kinetico Water to provide you with the facts about water filters and purifiers. With that said, take a look at nine common misunderstandings about water filters!

1. Tap Water Isn’t Safe to…

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