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Mechanic testing the water
Plumbers & Kinetico Systems

Plumbers are telling customers Kinetico kill water heaters anodes faster. This has gone viral and is NOT TRUE.

All water heaters work better with Kinetico. We have actual science to prove it; see 10-year New Mexico State University and See Battelle study. The CEO of A.O. Smith which is the world’s largest maker of water heaters and manufactures State, A.O. Smith, American, Takagi, Reliance brand water heaters; has a…

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A cute girl holding glass of water
9 Common Misunderstandings About Water Filters

Water purifiers and filters are household appliances that are gaining traction, but unfortunately, there are still so many misconceptions spreading about these handy items. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Kinetico Water to provide you with the facts about water filters and purifiers. With that said, take a look at nine common misunderstandings about water filters!

1. Tap Water Isn’t Safe to…

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