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A cute girl holding glass of water

Water purifiers and filters are household appliances that are gaining traction, but unfortunately, there are still so many misconceptions spreading about these handy items. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Kinetico Water to provide you with the facts about water filters and purifiers. With that said, take a look at nine common misunderstandings about water filters!

1. Tap Water Isn’t Safe to Drink.

Almost all municipal water systems provide safe drinking water. They must meet EPA guidelines, which some think are outdated and unacceptable levels. Even if it’s safe, that doesn’t mean that it tastes good; it may have a slightly unpleasant taste even though the water quality is up to speed. In other cases, old pipes may leave a weird taste in the water, or worse, leach lead.

2. The Only Benefit From Having a Water Filter Is Clean Drinking Water.

While that may seem like the primary (if only) benefit, using a water filter provides better taste for things you might use when cooking, such as pasta or rice, and recipes that call for water. It can make your coffee, tea and juice taste much better too. With purified water, ice doesn’t leave “floaties” or a weird taste when it melts in your drink.

3. Water Filter Systems Are Really Expensive.

If you’re going to buy bottled water as the alternative (with prices usually running over a dollar per bottle), then getting a whole house water filter is going to be a cost-effective solution pretty rapidly, especially when compared to the cost (and hassle) of constantly buying bottled water.

4. All Filters Provide the Same Kind of Features.

While it may seem that all filters treat your water the same, there are different features available depending on what type of filter you get. Activated carbon filters get rid of chlorine and sediment filters remove larger particles such as silt from your water, while reverse osmosis filters get rid of many other various contaminants (purifying your water). It’s worth doing some research, and speaking with experts like Kinetico water consultants, to figure out what’s best for your situation!

5. Bigger Houses Cancel Out the Effectivity of Water Filter Systems.

No matter how big your house is, it’s possible to get a whole house water filter that will get the job done. Kinetico Water’s experts can engineer customized systems that will prevent water pressure drops.

6. Bottled Water Is the Safest Bet.

Some bottled water is simply filtered tap water. It may or may not be purified. If you filter at home with Kinetico Water, you know the water quality you are getting and don’t have to worry about how often water vending machines or delivery bottles are sanitized.

7. Water Filters Are a Wasteful Process.

This is the case with poorly designed water purifiers that have to filter out 15 gallons of water just to get 1 gallon of clean drinking water. Kinetico Water’s systems are some of the most efficient and eco-friendly. We have some carbon filters that don’t waste any water.

8. Bottled Water Is the Most Eco-Friendly Solution.

Besides quickly shooting up in prices, drinking bottled water has a relatively high carbon and plastic footprint. In fact, Americans throw away more than 2 million plastic bottles every hour. It also runs the risk of rapidly depleting natural resources due to production. Making bottles to meet U.S. Demand for bottled water requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually.

9. Just One Water Filter Is Enough—You Just Need Clean Water to Drink!

Absolutely not! The “working water” in your home should be filtered as well to protect your water using appliances, glasses, dishes and plumbing. Hard tap water could have a detrimental effect on your skin and hair. It can also make your laundry look lackluster, so it’s a good idea to invest in more than just a simple water filter. If you have a water filter/softener combination, like Kinetico’s hybrid unit, then you’ll have less spotting on your glasses and silverware. Plus, when taking a shower, the shampoos and soaps will lather up more and you can use less cleaning products.

What’s the Best Choice?

If you’re considering getting a water purifier or filtration system, we’d be happy to run through the options and services that we provide at Kinetico Water! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling us at 480-497-0488. As Arizona’s leader in water treatment, we’d love to help you out and look forward to hearing from you!

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