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In a new study conducted across nine countries, plastic particles were identified in 93 percent of samples, leading many to ask - is it time to ditch plastic?, from Yahoo

Plumbers & Kinetico Systems: Learn why water heaters work better with Kinetico.

Arizona Schools Continue to Remove Lead from Water Fixtures, from All About Arizona News

History of Clean Water: Filtration System Through the Years

Throughout time, clean water has been essential to the survival of mankind. Take a look at how people in history have come up with innovative ways to bring clean water to their communities.

Arizona Drinking Water Violations common, report says

More than one-third of Arizona’s population gets drinking water from a utility or company that violated federal drinking-water regulations, according to a recent report.

Ways to find and fix leaks

Did you know that leaks can account for up to 14% of all water use? Anyone who wants to be efficient with their water use should begin with finding and fixing leaks at their home. Here are the 5 most likely leaks in your home and how to stop them.

Why you should drink water first thing every day, from USA Today

Some Arizona schools have lead in drinking water, from

The science behind water softeners

ADEQ issues drinking water warning for Johnson Utility customers, from Fox 10

Drinking water can make you more productive, from Bloomberg

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